Essential oils have been used for medicinal purposes since ages. These oils are developed using various techniques for concentrating them to oil form. In recent years, essential oils have been used for skincare and are even added to bath gels. Inhaling essential oils helps to calm down the brain. Once the soothing aroma of these oils enters the body, it helps in removing stress. Essential oils act as a significant substitute to hair products which contain harsh chemicals. They are used for growth and nourishment of hair. Some of these oils, like lavender and tea tree, are anti-inflammatory. They decrease irritation and inflammation caused by skin problems.

Essential oils help to heal dull and damaged skin. The daily use of these oils helps to treat dry and damaged skin. They nourish and hydrate the skin. These oils also help in improving the sleeping cycle. These oils help in boosting energy, motivation and focus. They have anti-inflammatory properties which help in decreasing excessive water retention in the skin. Essential oils help to support healthy joints, muscle and tendon function.

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