Do you have a favorite time of the year?
I do!
It’s called SUMMERTIME!
I love everything from grilling, camping, hiking, smore’s, swimming, entertaining, to road trips, and even mowing the lawn!
The sun and being outside makes me feel alive! I feel more upbeat and ready to tackle the world. It’s refreshing and calming and like medicine to my soul.
But, summer also means sunblock, bug repellent, car sickness, first aid kit and staying hydrated. And many of the products on the shelves that we need for our body to stay safe and healthy during the Summertime can cause skin irritations and can bring disruption to our endocrine system.
I’ve gathered a list of ways you can use essential oils in your daily summer routine to stay well, feel fabulous and enjoy the outdoors!
1. Keep the bugs away. Whether you’re trying to keep bugs out of your house, off your skin or soothing a bug bite, I have a remedy!
  • Diffuse. Keep the bugs at bay by diffusing 2 drops Citronella, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Purify.
  • DIY Bug Repellent. In a 2 oz bottle, add 5 drops each of Citronella, Peppermint, Purify and Lemongrass. Add ¼ part alcohol-free witch hazel and ¾ parts water. Shake and use as needed. For, the littles, use only 2 drops of each oil.
  • “Just Bitten” roller recipe for those annoying bites. In a 10ml roller bottle, add 5-15 drops Lavender and Purify. Fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. Shake to mix and then roll over bites.
  • Bugs, Stay Out! Keep the bugs outside where they belong. In a 16oz bottle add 5 drops each of Citronella, Peppermint, Purify and Lemongrass, plus 1 tsp On Guard Household Cleaner Concentrate. Shake and then spray along windows and doorways.
  1. Entertaining. Keep your guests comfortable at your summer parties and gatherings.
  • DIY Cool Mist Spray. Keep your guests cooled off with a refreshing spray. In a 16oz spray bottle, add 20 drops Peppermint, 20 drops Lavender, ¼ cup alcohol-free witch hazel and fill the rest up with water. Shake. Spray on the guests who might need a little pick me up from the heat of the sun.
  1. Raspberry “Lime-onade.” In a blender, add 2 cups raspberries until smooth. Press through a fine strainer into a jug, and discard the seeds and pulp. Add the juice from one lime, 1 drop Lime essential oil and 3 cups of water. Stir to combine. Stir in 3 Tbsp of raw honey until combined. Pour into glasses, and top with ice cubes. Serve and enjoy!
  • Diffuse. Summertime essential oil blends are perfect for bringing a fresh aroma into your living areas, kitchen and bathroom. Try any of these amazing combinations:
Coastal Waters: 2 drops of Cedarwood, 2 drops of Frankincense, 2 drops of Wild Orange, 1 drop of Rosemary.
Island Paradise: 3 drops of Ylang Ylang, 3 drops of Grapefruit, 3 drops of Sandalwood, 1 drop of Lime.
Citrus Burst: 1 drop of Tangerine, 1 drop of Wild Orange, 1 drop of Lemon, 1 drop of Lime, 1 drop of Grapefruit, 1 drop of Bergamot.
Fresh Cut Grass: 3 drops of Lemon, 2 drops of Basil, 2 drops of Douglas Fir
Sun Kissed: 3 drops of Grapefruit, 2 drops of Juniper Berry, 1 drop of Wild Orange
Summer Nights: 2 drops of Ylang Ylang, 2 drops of Wild Orange, 1 drop of Sandalwood, 1 drop of Patchouli
3. Grilling.
  • Natural Grill Cleaner. Keep your grill ready to be fired up. Combine ¼ cup baking soda, 2 Tbsp Liquid castile soap, 5 drops Lemon and then add distilled white vinegar until the consistency is that of olive oil. Brush the mixture right onto your grill and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. Use a wet scouring pad and scrub the surface clean. Rinse with water.
  •    Grilled Summer Savory Lemon Chicken Marinade. Add a little extra flavor and savor to your next BBQ with Summer Savory! This marinade for grilled chicken is simple and delicious.
  • Savory Rubs. Try some of these savory rubs to enhance the flavor to your chicken and steak.
4. Sun Safe. Although I love the sun, I know that it can damage my skin if I’m not careful. I make sure to wear a hat and apply sunscreen regularly.
  • DIY Sun Spray. In a 5 oz mister, add 40 drops Hawaiian Sandalwood, 30 drops Helichrysum, 15 drops Lavender, 20 drops Yarrow/Pom and top off with Avocado oil.
  • DIY After Sun Spray. In a 2 oz spray bottle, add 10 drops Lavender, 5 drops Frankincense, 1 part pure aloe vera, 1 part alcohol-free witch hazel, 2 parts water. Shake. Spray on skin to soothe and calm.
  1. Hot and Sweaty Summer. Your lymphatic system is part of your body’s detox process. It’s a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body. You do not want to overload your body and lymphatic system with excess toxins. Managing underarm odor without filling your lymphatic system with aluminum, artificial fragrances and other toxins is important.
  • Natural Deodorant. I love the smell of the doTERRA Balance deodorant. It leaves me feeling fresh and confident all day.
  • DIY Underarm Spray. Take your armpit to a whole new level by creating an underarm spray and then follow-up with the natural deodorant. In a 2oz spray bottle, add 10 drops Tea Tree oil, 5 drops Lavender, 1 part witch hazel, 1 part 100% aloe vera and 2 parts water. You can always add more oil based on your preference.
6. Road Trip Necessities. Nothing says summer like a family road trip. Traveling together on the open road can be fun, but hours of sitting in an enclosed space can also lead to tummy aches, tension, and fatigue.
  • Healthy Snacks. Sitting in a car for several hours can mess with your internal clock and confuse your hunger cues. As a result, you might feel the need to be constantly snacking. You can prepare snacks for the trip to avoid binging on gas station sweets. Here are a few ideas: Homemade Granola Bars, Apple Chips, Wild Orange Power Bites, Wild Orange Peanut Butter Sandwiches.
  • DigestZen. Constant snacking and prolonged sitting inevitably leads to problems with digestion. Heartburn, indigestion, sour stomach, and bloating are some of the most common symptoms you might face on the road. Fortunately, DigestZen Digestive Blend Softgels and DigestZen Touch, is a quick way to ease feelings of discomfort and upset stomach.
  • PastTense. Another common side-effect of road trips is tension. Whether you’re feeling stressed about the weather, arguing with your co-pilot, or fussing with the kids in the backseat, tension can make a road trip much more challenging than it needs to be. Simply roll on PastTense to the neck, shoulders, wrists, temples, or other desired areas to help ease stressful feelings and get you back to your center.
  • Car Diffusers. Diffusing oils can help create a better environment around you. Add a few drops of your favorite oil to a cotton ball, clothespin, or other absorbent item and attach to your air vents or hang from your rear-view mirror to disperse a mood-enhancing aroma throughout your vehicle. Here are some suggestions for oils to keep on hand, depending on your situation.
Cheer up: Lighten the mood with uplifting oils such as Cheer, Citrus Bliss, Grapefruit, and White Fir.
Calm down: Create a calming atmosphere with Lavender, Peace, Roman Chamomile, and Clary Sage.
Balance: Maintain a grounding space with oils like Balance, Sandalwood, and Patchouli.
Energy Boost: In those critical hours of exhaustion, try diffusing oils such as Motivate, Elevation, Peppermint and Fennel.
  • Hand Sanitizer. If you’re like me and like to make stops along the way to see fun sights, make sure you pack some hand sanitizer. doTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Mist purifies hands by eliminating bacteria and other germs on the skin. The moisturizing formula effectively cleanses hands without drying the skin, and the essential oils in the blend provide an uplifting citrus spice aroma.
7. First Aid to the Rescue! We love to take picnics to the park. After we eat, we’ll usually play a game of kickball, throw a frisbee or just lay on the blanket and relax. Sometimes there are unfortunate accidents where someone get scraped up after falling, or head pain comes out of nowhere. For those times, I keep a travel first aid kit handy. Keeping a first aid kit available for any kind of unlucky occurrence will make a negative event feel a little better and get the ailing person back on their game in no time at all! These are the TOUCH roller bottles I include in my travel kit:
  •  Lavender. Sleep, Cuts, Calming
  • Breathe. Clear airways, respiratory
  • DigestZen. Any digestive upset
  • Frankincense. Skin, sore throat, stress
  • Tea Tree. Antibacterial, insect bites
  • OnGuard. Immune, energy, skin
  • Oregano. Immunity, skin imperfections
  • Peppermint. Travel sickness, cooling
  • Helichrysum. Bruises, inflammation, nose bleeds.
  • Deep Blue. Muscle aches. Tense shoulders
  1. Sleep to Recover! Days and nights are filled with fun activities in the Summertime. It’s important to get a good night’s sleep wherever you are so you’ll have the energy you need to Go! Go! Go!
  • Diffuse. My restful night sleep comes when I diffuse Serenity and Breathe. Add a few drops to your diffuser and ease your anxious mind to rest.
  • Liquid Sleep Blend. In a 10ml roller bottle, add 15 drops Lavender, 10 drops Vetiver, 5 drops Frankincense, 5 drops Ylang Ylang, 5 drops Wild Orange and top off with fractionate coconut oil. Apply to feet and neck.
Wherever SUMMERTIME takes you this year, enjoy the season with essential oils to help make every event happy and healthy.

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