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Hi. I’m Crystal. Thanks for joining me today.

As daylight shortens and as the weather gets colder, do you find yourself getting a little bit blue? I’ve had a lot of people share that with me during the wintertime. And I want to tell you that last year, we did something with a group of people that was amazing!

There are 3 things that I want to share with you today that might help you during the winter to overcome those winter blues.

So, the first thing I’m going to recommend is something that we did last Winter called 21-Day Melissa Challenge. And what I did was get a group of people together and we tested this out.

Melissa is an essential oil that comes from a flower. It is such an amazing oil because some of its top properties is that it uplifts mood, has cleansing properties, and so much more. So, what we did was we took one drop of Melissa under our tongue or on the roof of our mouth every day. At the end of the 21 days, we found that one of the main common themes that came from people was that they were staying healthy. Their immune system was supported. Their mood was significantly uplifted. They had improved mental clarity and an increase in energy and stamina. So, Melissa is a powerful oil to help you in combating the winter blues.

My second recommendation in combating the winter blues is to schedule a time to connect with people doing fun activities. So, doing something that you love and enjoy, whether it’s playing sports, exercising, doing snow type of activities, maybe it’s musical instruments, dancing. There’s a variety of activities that we can do. The choices are limitless. And if you don’t know what you enjoy, think about what you used to enjoy when you were a child, and go back to that. Try it again. Or, even try something new. But, connect with those that you love and do something fun.

The third recommendation is to create or go back to a daily routine. Sometimes with the holiday season and the hustle and bustle, we kind of get out of the daily routine of things. So, getting back to a daily routine, or creating a new one will be very helpful at keeping your mood uplifted during the wintertime.

Some of the things that have been proven to be helpful with our mood is to do things like meditate. If you don’t know how to meditate, just simply download a guided meditation and listen to it. Try it for 5-10 minutes. Breathing. Stretching. Moving our body. Journaling, Exercising. All of these are great ways to help create a daily routine that’s going to help you in combating those winter blues.

So, my invitation to you, take these 3 steps so that you and your loved ones can combat the winter blues and can feel uplifted and happy all winter long. The first is to take your Melissa oil, every day, just one drop. The second is to contact a loved one and to schedule time to do fun activities. Third, create or go back to a daily routine that will help keep your mood uplifted all throughout the day.

So, I’m excited to share with you that we’re going to do the Melissa challenge again. If you want to participate, all you need to do is get the Melissa. We’re going to have a Facebook community that will have encouragement and motivation and fun prizes. All you have to do is click on the link below and you can sign up.

Thanks for joining me today. I look forward to seeing you again. If you haven’t already, click below and subscribe to my YouTube channel.



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