I’ve long used my essential oils in the kitchen. Aside from diffusing a great citrus smell while cleaning, some essential oils can enhance the flavor of food or in some cases completely replace the use of artificial ingredients like vanilla for example. The purity of flavor is unmatched due to the concentration of a few small drops. It also is incredibly convenient in that  it allows me to cook with certain flavors even when they are naturally out of season. It also cuts back on waste as I’m only using what I need and since essential oils never spoil I don’t have to worry about keeping a large stock of herbs and spices that will expire if I don’t use them in time. There are a few things you should consider before incorporating oils into your favorite recipes.

Not all oils are the same.

Essential oils can be found in many retailers now. I’ve even seen them in Best Buy! Most essential oils that are inexpensive and on the shelves of these stores are not organic, or, if they are, they have fillers in them which is why they are at the price point that they are. Many are not steam distilled or expeller produced. Many oils are expelled using hexane, a chemical which is toxic. Be sure to look for the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils because they are the only oils which are regulated and independently tested for purity. Many of the blends do not have this on the label and are not safe to take internally and therefore shouldn’t be used for cooking. However, doTERRA has the highest standards for purity and testing and the ones safe for ingestion are labeled upon purchase. You can always reach out to me if you need help determining which ones are good for cooking and which aren’t.

A little goes a long way.

There has never been a more true statement than when it comes to using essential oils for cooking. It’s important to be mindful of how much you’re using. You can always add more, but never take away, so start small. Most of the time, one drop can replace as much as a teaspoon of the dried herb or spice called for in a recipe. It’s also best to include them at the end of your cooking process if at all possible as the heat can affect the properties of the oils in undesirable ways.

My favorites.

Here are some of my favorite oils to use in cooking.

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You can pick up my complete set of cooking oils here.

Let me know which ones you love using and send some recipes my way if you have any favorites.

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