I’ve been using essential oils for almost 11 years now and EVERY day I continue to learn something new about how to use them in a way I didn’t know before. Crazy right? Because essential oils have several hundred compounds in them there are SO many uses in just one bottle that you can use in your everyday life!


I gathered together some EVERYDAY essential oil hacks that you are sure to love while at the same time feeling confident that you are using natural solutions in your home! Some of these hacks I have tried myself and others come from other essential oil users that shared what has worked for them. I think you will find that by just having a few basic essential oils on hand you can use them for SO many ways in your home while saving money at the same time.


Root to Tip Serum: on cuticles, dry skin or cracked skin, dandruff, hair detangler, acne, detail dashboard on car, a hair glaze to hold hair, moisture for fine hair. It’s amazingly moisturizing and smells awesome too.


Verage Toner: Can be spritzed onto your face for a light makeup setting spray or used in your hair for super soft hold or beachy waves, aftershave, sunburn soother, back acne, and mommy belly.


Arborvitae: can be used for pimples, canker sores, with Verage serum for wrinkles, and to spray on areas where you want you dog to stop chewing or marking its territory.


Myrrh: use to stop pantyhose runs.


Slim and Sassy: rub on feet for sleep, substitute for On Guard, and use as a cleaner.


Slim and Sassy Gum: helps to open sinuses, soothe head tension, relieve heartburn, and morning sickness.


Serenity Softgels: dissolve one Serenity Softgel in a kids’ bath to help them relax and calm down before a nap or bedtime.


Balance: use as a kid tamer, bug bites, as an aftershave, for the bikini line, healthy skin on baby butts and to apply before getting blood drawn.


Breathe Vapor Stick: use to reduce head pain, manage stress, muscle aches, and stuffiness.


Fractionated Coconut Oil: easy makeup remover.


Correct X: Under eye puffiness, chapstick, lip gloss, eye serum, bug bites, cuticles, tattoo ointment, dry cracked skin. Add peppermint for a lip plumper.


Digestzen: can be used for congestion and sinus relief.


Peppermint/Sandalwood: hiccups


AromaTouch: sinus pressure


DDR prime: Blemishes on face that can show up with hormone imbalance


On Guard Concentrate: use as a make up brush cleaner, for wound care, as a face wash, to clean the carpet, and as a stain remover.


On Guard Hand soap: can be used as facial cleanser, veggie wash and to wash eyelash extensions.


On Guard Toothpaste: Polish tarnished silver jewelry, scrub glass cook tops or apply to dingy nails and buff for a nail scrub. Apply to acne before bed to dry and disinfect.


Zendocrine Oil: can be used for a blemish spot treatment, used before bed to avoid a morning hangover or 2 zendocrine softgels, and gargle to get rid of a lingering cough.


doTERRA Conditioner: Use as a shaving cream, leather conditioner, and on dryer balls to reduce static and soften clothes.


doTERRA Protecting Shampoo: Use as a body wash too.


Detoxifying Mud Mask: Use to detox armpits, blemish spot treatment, blemish cover up, or for a deodorant.


Lemon oil- use to clean off/remove goo, gunk, ink, permanent marker, temporary tattoos, grouts stains and chewing gum. Mix 20 drops lemon in 4 oz. spray bottle and fill with water to naturally lighten your hair or a few drops on a clothes pin and clip to vent in your car as an air freshener. Put 3-5 drops in a small bowl of water and heat in microwave for 5 minutes to remove stubborn grime. Put a couple of drops in stinky shoes to smell better! Also try adding a couple of drops of Lemon to your toilet paper roll to freshen your bathroom. Add ten drops to a washcloth and throw in the dryer with your clothes to sanitize and add a fresh scent.


Stick on Air Freshener

Trash cans, drawers, cars, lockers, diaper pails…all the stinky places. Add a few drops of Purify to a felt pad for a portable air freshener you can stick anywhere! Perfect for those hard-to-reach places that need a bit of freshness.

Air filters contain dust and dirt that may irritate nasal passages. This can be problematic if people in your home suffer from allergies. Simply add 15-20 drops of essential oil directly to your air filter before replacing it. Try it with eucalyptus, purify, or citrus bliss for a purifying effect in your home. Tea tree is wonderful if you live in a moist climate prone to mold.


Mattress Refresher

Did you know you are supposed to clean your mattress regularly? It’s easy to forget about, but our mattresses need to be cleaned just the same as the rest of our home. Oops! Sleep better knowing your mattress is clean and fresh.



  • In your spray bottle, combine all ingredients.
  • To use: Spray onto mattress top. Allow to fully dry before making the bed.
  • Store in a cool, dark place for up to 6 months.

Chop onions tear free

Enjoy chopping onions again with this genius hack. Simply open a bottle of On Guard essential oil and place next to the cutting board. Now you can chop onions without the fear of watery, itchy eyes! When you’re done, thoroughly remove the onion smell from your cutting board with homemade dish soap.


Airplane Pressure: Melaleuca, Digestzen or Slim and Sassy Gum and use AromaTouch for clogged ears. Apply to the back of the ear.


Trash Can Deodorizer

2 drops Purify  & 2 drops Vetiver on a kitchen towel and put at bottom of trash can before you put in liner. This will eliminate odors from the trash can. Just add a few drops every time to change the liner.


Everything Scrub- sink, bath and tile

1 cup Baking soda

¼ Castile Soap

2 Tablespoons Vinegar

15 drops essential oils (I like Purify, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus or Lemon)

Combine all ingredients until is a soft paste. Use scrub to clean tile, shower, bath, sink and toilet. Store leftovers in an air-tight container.


Kitchen Sink Disposal Deodorizer

3-4 drops Eucalyptus oil down drain. Turn on water and let disposal run for about 30 seconds. Deodorizes the garbage disposal.


Vacuum Refresher

Put a few drops of your favorite essential oils on a cotton ball and put it in your vacuum!


Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner

  1. Mix On Guard Concentrate cleaner in a spray bottle with water and spray on the seal around your washer. This is where mold builds up.
  2. Sprinkle ½-1 cup baking soda in the bottom of the drum and add 6-8 drops of Lemon oil.
  3. Run on “Clean washer’- should be HOT water.

When cycle is done, wipe the drum and door with On Guard Concentrate cleaner again.  Leave the washer door open after every wash.


EO for Laundry

Add 2 drops Cheer to an unscented dryer sheet for happy smelling clothes.

Add 2 drops Lavender to the Rinse Cycle for Calm smelling sheets

Add 2 drops Purify to the Rinse Cycle for Clean smelling dish clothes and bath towels

Add 2 drops Lemon to washer to whiten you whites.

Leave clothes in the washer too long? Add a couple drops of lemon to the rinse cycle and then run them through again to freshen the load. It takes all the odor out.


Grease Stains

Grease stains are no match for lemon and baking soda! Simply sprinkle the stain with baking soda, add 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil, and let sit for one hour. Scrape off the excess baking soda and wash as normal.


Flower Bouquet (how to prolong the life of the flowers)

Add a drop of Tea Tree oil or DDR Prime to your flower water to prolong and add life to your flower bouquet.


Deodorant Ideas: try Breath Vapor stick, detoxifying mud mask, On Guard Toothpaste, Intune, Hope oil, or whisper. Other ideas include Cypress with fractionated coconut oil, Clary Calm or Purify.


For Women: If you are hormonal use Fractionated coconut oil with Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Lavender. Rub on tummy and private parts. For Cramps try deep blue rub, White Fir and Cypress. To maintain healthy yeast put 1 drop each of Melaleuca and Frankincense on an organic tampon and wear overnight.


Mascara for Fuller lashes

Do you want longer, stronger more luscious lashes? Essential oils have been shown to stimulate hair growth. Hack your mascara with lavender essential oil. Add 2 drops to a freshly opened tube of mascara. That’s all you need for the whole tube! Mix it around with the wand to combine and use as normal. You can also try it with cedarwood or rosemary.


Natural Lashes – In a roller bottle add 5 drops Lavender, Rosemary and Cedarwood topped with castor oil. Leave roller bottle top off and dip eyeliner brush to apply on lash line.


Mascara Remover

Yarrow Pom Body renewal serum


Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is harsh and drying on the skin, plus, it can irritate the lungs. There is another way! Add 3-4 drops of lemongrass essential oil to a cotton pad and wipe off the nail polish. Voila! If your cuticles and nails get dried out, add some lavender cuticle oil for a freshly-manicured look!


Hair Detangler

Don’t waste time struggling through a mess of hair—whether it’s yours or your child’s. Simplify your hair care strategy with this detangler!

Combine ½ cup Lavender Conditioner, 1⅛ cup warm distilled water, 3 drops Cedarwood, and 3 drops Frankincense. Spritz a couple times into dry or damp hair and comb through to tame any mane.


Hair Growth Spray

Add 5 drops Peppermint, 5 drops Frankincense, 7 drops Lavender, 7 drops Rosemary, 7 drops Cedarwood to 4 oz distilled water and spray hair daily. Spray on your roots anytime you have washed your hair, before you style it. It absorbs very quickly so it doesn’t leave your hair greasy.


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