Do you have a story to tell?

I feel like anyone that has experienced essential oils for themselves and their family has a story to tell. Like the first time you tried it. Or, how you’ve benefited from them. Or, when they have helped you overcome something in your life, wherever that may be on the health and wellness spectrum.

Well, this is one of many stories for me that I’d like to share.

Before doTERRA essential oils became a huge part of my health and wellness, I immediately turned to synthetic medicine and toxins for my home. I really didn’t know any different. Clorox wipes to wipe down the counters and doorknobs, Ibuprofen for minor aches and pains, Pepto Bismol for an upset stomach, a doctor’s appointment for nagging moodiness, anxious feelings, or lack of energy, etc.

I would have never dreamed that many of my health and emotional issues that I deal with for me and my family could be addressed through natural solutions. But, they were! As a pa
rent, I love the idea of having options. We know ourselves and our children better than anyone else. For the most part, we know what they eat, how they sleep, how they move and spend their time. It seems only natural that we are the ones that might understand our children best when they experience aches, pains, or emotionally instability. I realized that if I had an arsenal of options already in our back pocket, I could be ready to act when such a moment might arise.

The moral of my story is…There are so many natural solutions available
at our fingertips. Get educated. Be prepared for when you might need those tools.

It’s basically just taking more responsibility for our own health and for our family’s health. It is important to understand the issues that may not require the immediate attention of a medical professional. This is where the daily use of essential oils really shines: as a complement to modern medicine. Essential oils can support the proper function of different body systems on a daily basis, address minor blemishes, support feelings of clear breathing, protect against environmental threats, as well as using natural products in the home to eliminate toxins in our environment and body. 

Here’s a couple of stories of friends who have utilized essential oils for their kids. These are simple examples that could be helpful to know for just everyday situations.  



My third grader, Presley, sometimes feels exhausted after a day at school. It had been one of those days when I asked her to sit at the piano with me to practice. She was feeling unmotivated and tired, and on the verge of a meltdown. Practicing was NOT on her mind. I knew that Presley’s favorite oil scent was Wild Orange. I took the oil cap off and had Presley take in 3 deep breaths. Within seconds Presley settled down and was ready to focus. It is this same 9-year-old child that was trying to console her older sister days later by grabbing the Wild Orange for her sister to breathe in. –Kathryn Steele



My 10-year-old deals with severe car sickness. We have tried most of the over-the-counter remedies with some help, but mostly we just have to be prepared with a bowl or bag since he always throws up. When doTERRA added the new Tamer Blend to the kids collection, I was ecstatic! I had high hopes that it could help him, along with the Peppermint Beadlets. I was right. It was amazing and has worked wonders. We haven’t had an episode in over 4 months. I’m grateful to have these natural remedies at my fingertips! —Jessica Dunroe


My little boy was out playing on Grandpa’s farm when he fell and skinned his face on the rocky road. Immediately, I started using doTERRA’s Correct-X. I couldn’t believe the speed at which the skin recovered! Scabbing was greatly diminished and the cuts healed without a single scar. Seven days later, you couldn’t even tell anything happened.—Miriam Pinion

BluestoBliss                     BluestoBliss

                     (Day1 vs Day 5)                                                                             (Day 1 vs Day 5)

It’s fun to hear stories and discover the powerful ways in which doTERRA oils and products can support a healthy lifestyle. If the products are used with care and good sense, you can safely reap all the benefits they have to offer. Plus, doTERRA makes it simple and easy to use with the Touch Kit and the Kid’s Oil Collection. They are my go-to because they come pre-diluted. Young skin is different from adult skin—it’s thinner, more delicate, and generally more sensitive. It’s a great idea to dilute any essential oils before applying them to children, and these kits takes the mess out of dilution, and they are work perfectly for adults too.

 As families begin using essential oils more and more in their home, it is exciting to see when the children begin to understand which oils might be good in various situations and ask for them as needed. The entire family learns to be conscious of their own health while actively looking for natural ways to support well-being. 

Using natural solutions to take care of everyday health and wellness issues has been an eye-opener for me. A game changer. For this reason, I look for opportunities to share what I’ve learned with others. It’s no secret that I advocate for doTERRA. I’m proud of what I do because I know it can bring the same happiness to others in my life.


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