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Hi everyone! Welcome to my YouTube channel. I’m Crystal and I’m passionate about helping people connect to themselves and to others. And I’m so happy that you’re here with me today.

Today I’m going to share with you 4 helpful tips of connecting with the family during the holidays, even if you have strained relationships. Does going to family functions ever create any kind of anxious feelings in you maybe due to any kind of strained relationship that you have in the family? I know what that feels like. I’ve experienced that at different times in my life. And I love my family. I have amazing family members. But, that’s just part of being a family is being able to deal with different types of situations, and issues and struggles that we have. And being able to forgive and overcome those situations. And being able to love each other in spite of it.

So, the 1st tip I have for you is don’t take things personally. Everyone has their own different personal experiences, different inner struggles they’re going through. They have different thought processes. And we need to remember that whatever they’re going, their tone of voice, maybe they didn’t pay attention to you, or notice you. Maybe they didn’t say hi or good-bye. Maybe they did something or said something that you didn’t like. Just remember to let it go. Don’t take things personally.

One of the oils I love for this is Forgive. This oil is a reminder when you put this on. I love to put this oil over my abdomen. Rub it there and on my wrists. It helps you to remember that you’re able to let go and forgive the things that are no longer healthy for you to hold on to.

The 2nd tip is to remember to take personal responsibility for your own emotions. Now, remember, other people’s energies and emotions are not your responsibility. Only yours are your responsibility. I had a dear friend of mine taught me an amazing exercise that has helped me so many times throughout the years. When I have been feeling hurt or betrayed or sad because of someone else. And it’s so helpful at being able to help you take accountability for your own emotions. Release them. Let them go and then come from a place of gratitude.


So what you do is, whoever it is that you’re feeling any kind of tension or hurt or anger towards, you write three pages, and sometimes you think…after I got to a page and a half, I thought I had emptied all of it out, but keep going until you fill three full pages of all of the emotions and feelings that you’re feeling towards that situation or about that person, or how you’re feeling. Once you’ve done that, don’t even go back and read it or look at it. Just take it and shred it, or burn it. And then take one page and write a full page of what the lessons you have learned from that person or the situation. Writing gratitude for what that has taught you. And once you’ve done that, you will feel a massive shift in your energy. And remember that when we change us when we change the results of our lives and we change the results of our relationships. When we change us, it shifts the whole entire energy and we’re able to open ourselves up to see more clearly and to be able to connect on a deeper level, to have more compassion and kindness. And to be able to have more understanding.

One of my most favorite oil of helping me be able to process my own emotions is called console. Console is like a big hug. It’s an oil that helps you be able to grieve. And to help you feel safe. And to help you realize that it’s okay for you to feel and let go of any kind of emotion that you’re feeling.

My 3rd tip for you is to listen to understand. When we go to these family functions, or when we’re talking to these family members, or when we’re connecting, one of the best ways that we can do so is to listen. Simply just listen and try to listen in a way that you’re understanding where that other person is coming from. What it is they’re sharing. What it is that’s going on deep inside them. What might they be hurting with? What might be going on in their life? And simply just listen to understand.  This is going to be one of the most powerful ways that you can connect with your loved ones.

My last tip to you is to simply to be kind. One of my most favorite books is “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” And in that book, he talks about that everybody walks around with this invisible sign hanging around their neck that says, “Make me feel important”. When we are sitting with someone, or being with anyone, or responding to family or loved ones. Being kind is one of the easiest ways to help release the tension and to be able to make another person feel heard and understood and important. And help that strained relationship turn to a place of connection and wholeness and healing and peace. 

And I could tell you one thing, I have never in my life, ever regretted just being kind to someone. My invitation to you is to take these 4 tips that I’ve shared with you today and apply them to your family, coworkers, loved ones, especially during the holiday season. Work on those strained relationships. Find forgiveness. Address and take responsibility for your own emotions. Don’t take things personally. Listen to others. Listen to understand. And simply be kind.

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