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Today I’m excited to share with you some helpful tips to help you go from being stressed to a place of zen during the holidays. Are you excited about the holidays coming up? Sometimes we get excited about them, but then we start to feel those anxious feelings and stress start to surface. Everything that we’ve got to get done and all the stress that comes along with it.

Personally, I have had experience where I have been completely stressed out, feeling chaotic, not feeling any joy or gratitude. Completely stressed out of my mind during the holidays – it was awful. IT WAS AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE. I didn’t get to enjoy any of it.

But, on the flip side, I’ve had the experience where I have come from a place of zen. Where there’s been true peace. Where I’ve been able to feel a sense of gratitude and joy and really take in the simplicity and the enjoyment of what the holidays are meant to be with our family.

I’m going to share with you 4 things that I have found help me and I hope will help you to take yourself from a place of stress to zen during this holiday season.

Number 1, first and foremost, we have got to take me time. Now, this is just taking personal breaks every day. So, if you’re out and about and you’re starting to feel those anxious feelings creeping, starting to feel stressed, STOP. Take a few deep breaths. Feel yourself start to relax. Focus on being aware of what you’re feeling and this will help you to be in a place of zen.

A couple of my favorite oils to use in order to be able to release stress, anxious feelings and tension are Neroli and Magnolia. One of the best ways we can do it is to just take the roller bottle, rub it over our heart, and then over our wrists. Then, take in a few deep breaths. Neroli is really great about helping the serotonin levels in our brains. Magnolia is really helpful at helping reduce tension in the body. These are some of the two unique, but amazing oils of instilling optimism, helping to promote feelings of happiness and to really help you feel relaxed.

Number two: one of the best things we can do during the holidays is to not over-schedule ourselves, or overdo. A lot of times we have a lot of different events and parties, and we’ve got shopping that we’re doing, gift-giving. The idea is to find ways to not over-schedule or overdo things. Maybe take a look at your calendar and your family and see what is most important and try not to say yes to too many things, especially during the holidays. This is going to help you feel a lot more relaxed and be able to enjoy the season and feel that spirit of peace and joy that you’re meant to feel at this time of year.

Is there any better oil to use to feel peace, than the oil of Peace? Again, rubbing it over your heart, on your wrists, really helps your body to calm and to feel in that state of peace that you’re looking for.

Number three: Be okay with just being okay. This is the concept of being imperfectly perfect. Knowing that the things that you do are great. Knowing that some things you do are going to be fantastic. Maybe you’re going to wrap a present that’s going to have the most beautiful bow and packaging. Then sometimes, it’s just going to be simple and it’s going to be thrown into a gift bag. Or, maybe you’re going to a family dinner and you have a beautiful presentation of the food item you brought and maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s just simple. You’re bringing it and it doesn’t have to look beautiful. Just knowing that whatever you do is perfect enough. And being okay with keeping things simple and not overdoing. Sometimes we add that added extra pressure on ourselves, thinking that we have to make things big, grand and amazing. Instead, it just creates more stress. We’re not looking for that. We’re looking for more peace and joy during the holidays. That way, we can be more present in the moment with our loved ones. We can be able to enjoy what this season brings.

One of my most favorite newly released oils is called Adaptive. Now, Adaptive is really helping for the brain. It has Gaba in it and selenium and it helps really increase the serotonin levels and help relax the body. It’s really great for adapting to stressful situations or unfamiliar situations. For me, sometimes I don’t like to go into a crowd of people where I don’t really know the people there. So, this is something you can put on, this is an oil you can put on. You can breathe it in. We also have the softgels that you can take internally. This is going to help you feel calm and relaxed no matter what situation you’re in.

Finally, last, but not least…Focus on what brings you the most joy. I wanted to share an example. Two and a half years ago my mom passed away. Just months before that we were at a family function at her house, and there’s a lot of us in our family, a lot of grandkids. There was a lot of chaos going on. Well, as I was busy in the kitchen getting something ready, my mom came to me, she said, “Crystal, I want you to listen.” I stopped for a minute and said, “Okay.” And she said, “No, really just listen.” As I stood there and really started to listen, she said, “What do you hear?” I heard kids playing and making noise and some of them may be screaming or crying, maybe some playing music in the background. I heard adults talking and laughing, lots of hustle and bustle right there in the house. Then she says to me, “Isn’t it beautiful?” And in that moment, she taught me a powerful lesson about finding joy in even any circumstance. Circumstance that might not typically feel like there’s joy, feel like it’s chaotic. But, really it’s up to us to stop and be aware. To treasure the important things, to treasure the people in our life because we never know how long we’re going to get to be with them.

So, my last tip is to be aware and to focus on finding the joy this holiday season.

We’ve got this fun blend called Holiday Joy as a reminder. It smells delicious. You can put in a diffuser, you can put it on topically, you can put it in your bath. Let that be a reminder as you breathe that in. To be aware and really focus on those things that bring you joy.

My invitation to you is to take these four tips: Take some me time. Be simple, don’t overdo. Learn to say no to certain things. Be okay with being okay. Be okay with being imperfectly perfect. Keeping things simple and choosing joy in every moment.

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