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Hi. My name is Crystal and I’m passionate about helping people connect to themselves and to others.

Today I want to talk to you about ways to keep the holidays alive after the holidays are over. How does the holiday season come alive for you? What is it about the holidays that make that spirit come alive for all of us? Well, it’s things like gift-giving, giving to others, receiving gifts, helping less fortunate, hearing the different music, celebrating with others, taking time to see people we haven’t seen for a while, the smell of yummy baked food, a house filled with a tree and decorations that symbolizes love. After the holiday season is over, oftentimes we have a feeling of letdown, of emptiness. All the things that we were experiencing have kind of just gone away. 

Well, there are three different ways that we can keep the holiday spirit alive all year long.

The first thing is to look around. There are needs all around us all year long. There are people less fortunate all year long. There are people in hospitals all year long. We look for others that have needs, who are less fortunate than us and find ways that we can be of help, it has a tendency to lighten our burdens that we are going through ourselves. So even though the holidays are over, if we can continue to serve and to give, we can bring us that spirit all year.

The second way that we can keep the holidays alive is to continue to spend time with loved ones. I know for me, there are a couple of friends that I had hoped I could take the time during the holiday season to connect with, and I didn’t get a chance to. So, take the time to schedule a lunch date, or go do something fun with a loved one. Continue to do dinners, play games, laugh, listen to music. Take the time to spend with loved ones.

The third thing is to continue to create a warm and happy atmosphere in your home. So, even though the decorations may be gone. You can do other things, like get some fresh flowers and put them in your kitchen. Create a vision board of the new goals that you’ve set so you can see them. Find new music you can play and listen to. Diffuse some of your favorite essential oils to help keep your mood uplifted. Find something to clean and organize, or maybe start a new project that will help your energy and passion and excitement stay alive.

My encouragement to you today is to keep the holiday season alive for you and your family all year long by looking outward and still giving to others, taking time to spend with loved ones and taking the time to create a warm and happy atmosphere in your home.

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