The holidays come at the same time every year, yet they always manage to sneak up on me. I don’t usually have a tendency to procrastinate buying gifts, except for people that I’m not really sure what to buy them. I’m not sure I’d call it procrastination; in fact, I’ve been thinking about what to get them all month long. My problem is that I want the gift to be loved and treasured, something that drives connection and builds my relationship with them. So, yes, I have put off a gift for them, but it wasn’t done without effort.

So here I am, only days before Christmas, scrambling for a bunch of last-minute gifts. And since I’ve done this scenario WAY too many times, I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to forward think and save myself some time for next year by putting together a list of FANTASTIC LAST MINUTE gifts that drive connection and build relationships. So, for those of you who are in the same boat as me this year, feel free to use some of these ideas I’ve come up with below:

  1. The Gift of Touch. Providing people with essential oil experiences through touch can be a natural way to not only share the oils, but encourage a year of well-being and connection.  

Using doTERRA’s AromaTouch Hand Technique gives you the chance to gift the person you love with a simple, impactful, quick and easy way to show your love that can promote relaxation, stress relief, and overall well-being.

INSTRUCTIONS: Print out the Instructions on how to do the AromaTouch Hand Technique here, and adhere it to cardstock or another festive background. Choose one or two of your favorite oils to pair with the technique, such as Citrus Bliss, Elevation, OnGuard, Serenity or Balance. Put in a gift bag. When your loved one opens it, perform the technique on them and encourage them to share their love by giving the technique to others.

  1. The Gift of a Subscription Box. Who doesn’t love a gift that just keeps on giving each month? That’s exactly what a subscription box can do for your loved one. Whether they have a green thumb, a sweet tooth or enjoy spa-like indulgences, there are so many options you can choose from that will fit your loved one’s personality perfectly. What a great way to build your relationship because they’ll think of you every month when they receive the gift in the mail. And most likely, the subscription box will arrive at the perfect moment when they needed to feel loved and cared for. 

Just give them something to look forward to by giving them a card with a “what’s on the way” certificate that includes the ETA for their first delivery.

  1. The Gift of Games. What can create better memories than sitting around a table with your loved ones playing board games? The board games don’t have to be the endless hours of Monopoly or Scrabble either. I feel like just in the last decade, party tabletop games have exploded in popularity. A new wave of games that use engaging themes and creative ideas to give you and your loved ones a really fun time together. Check out the most popular party games for 2019 (
  2. The Gift of Listening. If you know someone who still consumes music old-school — LPs, CDs and so forth — it’s time to introduce them to the joys of unlimited on-demand listening. In other words, give them the gift of Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify or another subscription service. And what a gift that is: All the music in the world (more or less) at their fingertips, with options for offline listening, playlist sharing and more. Sharing your favorites playlists helps spur connection and build relationships.
  3. The Gift of Experiences. Spending quality time with the people you love most is what the gift of experience is all about. Sharing moments together is what creates memories. Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing: concert tickets and share your love of a favorite band or music group, a day spa and enjoy a relaxing pedicure or facial together, or dinner and paint-nite. Think about an activity that will be perfect for you and your loved one to share together and go online and purchase the gift card for the experience. 
  4. The Gift of Reading. Have you ever read a book that was so powerful that you wanted to share it with everyone? The holiday season is a great time to give the gift of reading. Go buy a few copies of your favorite paperbacks to gift, along with a card that talks about why you thought the book would be perfect for them. Don’t have time to get to the store, go online and buy an e-gift card from Barnes and Noble and attach the handwritten card to it.

It doesn’t matter if you spent months or hours deciding on the perfect gift for your loved one. The important thing is that you put thought into it. Find something that drives connection and builds relationships and you will see just how wonderful this time of year really can be.

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