Hypothyroidism is usually treated by taking hormone replacement medicine on a daily basis. With medicine, however, it often comes with side effects, leading to experiencing more symptoms than you are trying to get rid of. To ensure you treat hypothyroidism effectively without any more problems happening in your body, look for natural remedies that come with no man-made chemicals or ingredients.

Natural remedies can help fix thyroid conditions by the cause, which may come from stress, an improper diet, or inadequate amounts of nutrients in the body. Two ways you can improve your thyroid condition are to take an herbal supplement and change your diet for the better. When looking for foods or supplements that can help you balance thyroid naturally, here are some keywords to keep an eye on:


Processed food items, especially those that contain sugar, can lead to inflammation inside the body. This can decelerate the conversion of thyroxine to triiodothyronine, or T4 to T3. Being unable to produce T3 can cause your symptoms and thyroid disease to get worse over time.

Sugar may be seen as a means to boost energy, but only temporarily, as it causes burnout after the energy it creates is expended. This means you will feel more tired than before. Removing sugar from your diet will be able to improve the health of your skin as well as stress levels, which is necessary to balance your thyroid levels in the body.


Studies suggest that a percentage of people who have hypothyroidism or another thyroid-related disease also have what is known as celiac disease. This is a condition where gluten gives an irregular reaction in the small intestines. Gluten is an ingredient found in grainy foods that give dough elasticity, and while it is usually safe to eat for most people, it can cause complications during thyroid problems.

Gluten isn’t yet proven to be an ingredient that is too dangerous to consume, but patients who have been suffering from thyroid problems feel noticeably better by removing wheat and other foods with gluten from their diets. There are gluten-free alternatives to grain foods, such as bread and cereal, so be on the lookout for them as you find substitutes for your typical meals. The one drawback to gluten-free foods is that they cost more than foods with gluten.


Selenium is a beneficial nutrient that is found in trace amounts in various food items. These include grass-fed beef, seafood, turkey, Brazilian nuts. Not only does selenium come from certain foods, but your own body produces a certain amount of it, too. There are times in which your body’s own selenium isn’t enough to stay healthy, as conditions such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis can deplete your body of selenium. Having enough selenium in the body can help balance T4 in certain people.


According to studies, hypothyroidism can alter what is known as gastrointestinal mobility, which can lead to problems in the small intestine, including diarrhea. This is due to bacterial overgrowth that causes your small intestine and other organs to become unhealthy. Food items containing probiotics are what you should look for, such as cheese, yogurt, sauerkraut, and pickles. Probiotics come with good bacteria that can reverse unhealthy intestines and keep them healthy.


Thyroid medicine can come with nagging side effects, making natural remedies more appealing to patients. There are many foods you can eat to help balance your body’s thyroid levels. Food items with selenium and probiotics are food items you should eat more of. Food items with gluten and sugar are foods you should eat less of.

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