I am CONSTANTLY thinking about the food I put in my body. I know it affects my mood, my weight and my overall health. Have you ever thought about the effects that the AIR YOU BREATHE in and other toxins around you makes to your overall health and wellness?

Just like eating the wrong foods can make a person sick, having a toxic environment can also make a person sick. Most times you can’t control the environment outside of your home, but YOU CAN make a difference inside of your home!

I didn’t quite understand all the things that are in my home that contribute to my toxic environment until I started using doTERRA essential oils and other products. One of the company’s foundational elements to their health and wellness strategies is to alleviate toxins in the home and body. I began to get educated more on the topic and I learned so much!

The fact is, our homes can be filled with over 500 DIFFERENT CHEMICALS that get trapped inside our sealed up, insulated walls. It’s estimated that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. There’s even a sickness coined “Toxic Home Syndrome” when your home LITERALLY makes you sick!

More and more serious diseases and conditions are being linked to environmental toxins, such as reproductive disorders and autoimmune diseases. The sad truth is that WE CAN’T IGNORE our toxic environment. We have to be PROACTIVE in detoxing our homes.

While taking the time to Spring Clean your home this April, let’s implement SIMPLE ways to make your home-toxic free.


  1. Replace Cleaning Products. (refer to list below) Use natural, SAFE OPTIONS by makiBluestoBlissng your own. It could be as simple as taking doTERRA’s OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate and using it for most of your cleaning needs. The powerful essential oil blend is combined with plant-based derivatives that provide a non-toxic and biodegradable way to clean and eliminate odors, so it
    is safe for loved ones as well as the environment. The multi-purpose capabilities of the CONCENTRATE make it perfect to expertly clean hard surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, or any room, leaving behind a clean and invigorating scent.
  • Bleach
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Deodorizer
  • All -purpose cleaners
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Drain cleaner
  • Floor mopping detergent
  • Floor wax
  • Furniture polish
  • Glass cleaner
  • Metal cleaner
  • Liquid dishwashing soap
  • Oven cleaner
  • Scouring cleaner
  • Silver polish
  • Stain stick
  • Tile cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner

By taking these FIRST STEPS, you can immediately (and often dramatically) IMPROVE THE AIR QUALITY of your home. Just think of the last time you walked down the grocery store aisle with the pesticides and cleaning products. The lids are not only closed, but sealed, and yet the whole aisle SMELLS of chemicals! What you smell are the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the products and they escape from their containers in parts per million (ppm), billion (ppb), or even trillion (ppt).  All products with harmful VOCs in a home under sinks and in cabinets do the same, their emissions creating a low-level chemical soup that spreads throughout your home, requiring your body to constantly detoxify.  A “Clean Sweep” – the COMPLETE REMOVAL of these products REDUCES IMMUNE STRESS on all those that live under your roof.

  1. Open your windows daily. Recycling the air is so important! It will expel pollutants and bring in purer air from outside. And when you have to close up your home to run your central air system, ensure your ducts are clean so they DON’T COMPROMISE your indoor air quality.
  2. Get rid of artificial air fresheners and candles. With repeat exposure to air fresheners and the toxins released from paraffin candles (same as what is found in diesel fuel fumes), it can create adverse effects on the environment and health. A great alternative is using a diffuser with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Not only can the oils PURIFY THE AIR, but it can aid in emotional and physical health. Here are a few of my favorite oils to diffuse:

Peppermint and Wild Orange – A fresh herbaceous and citrus scent that promotes an uplifting, energizing aroma when used aromatically.BluestoBliss

Purify – An exclusive combination of essential oils that purify and eradicate odors in a natural, safe way. This uplifting blend combines citrus and pine essential oils that leave an airy, fresh scent on surfaces and in the air. 

  1. Change your filters for your furnace and air conditioner often. Upgrade to an allergy reduction filter, if possible.
  2. Replace laundry detergent. Most regular and leading laundry detergents leave a chemical residue on clothing, which is in turn absorbed by our skin and inhaled into our lungs. You can use doTERRA’s OnGuard Laundry Detergent. It is color safe for washable fabrics at all temperatures and is free of synthetic fragrancesBluestoBliss, dyes, and toxins, which makes it a safe choice for your family.
    Or if you prefer to DIY, this Powder Laundry Detergent is a great alternative.


I invite you to implement the steps above and see how you feel after a month. If you’re like me, you’ll NEVER want to use anything but fragrance-free, truly NON-TOXIC cleaning products again. I know that your body will thank you for it!


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