If you are like most people, then maintaining youthful, glowing skin in the coming years is definitely on your to-do list. Lucky for you, there are supplements to help you achieve just that.


It is common knowledge that you are what you eat. That’s why many people are striving to watch their diet and cut out the junk that adds no value. While healthy meals might help in a range of ways, such as maintaining that youthful sparkle, there reaches a point in time where age catches up. Unfortunately, when it does, it might leave your skin looking old and dull.

As a woman, you know what wrinkly and sagging skin can do to you – even if you are one such person who’s confident in their skin. It may leave you broken and insecure in your looks. This may take a toll on you. But the good news is that you don’t have to be content with that, not when there’s a way to reverse the effects of age, albeit to a smaller extent. Say hello to aging skin supplements. In case you are just getting started, and have no idea about what works and what doesn’t, then here is a brief article that highlights the best supplements for aging skin.


EGCG offers impressive health benefits. It has a range of potential health-promoting properties, including its ability to promote longevity and safeguard against the development of age-related disease. It also has shown incredible results in slowing aging, thanks to its ability to restore mitochondrial function in cells. Furthermore, EGCG acts on aging-involved pathways like the AMP-activated protein kinase signaling pathway (AMPK).


Different research has revealed that taking coenzyme Q10 supplements minimizes numerous signs of aging in your skin. Researchers have seen improvement in things like skin thickness, hydration, stretchiness, or elasticity, and even monitor their appearance of visible wrinkles. In case you are wondering how this is possible, the CoQ10 supplements help mitochondria produce energy for your skin cells. This, in turn, allows them to function better and enhance your youthful look. Additionally, the compound activates genes that make proteins essential for skin structure and deactivates those that make collagenase. As a result, your collagen won’t be broken down.


Supplements containing Crocin have exceptional anti-aging properties because the compound has an antioxidant potential against ROS. It safeguards squalene from UVA-induced peroxidation and bars the production of inflammatory mediators.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It neutralizes the free radicals that place oxidative stress on the skin and cause aging. A quality Vitamin C supplement boosts collagen production in skin cells.


70% of your skin is made from collagen, and this is what makes this supplement a must-have supplement for your skincare. Evidence-based research reveals that collagen can improve skin elasticity, protect skin against sun damage, reduce wrinkles, and reduce cellulite and stretch marks.


Most anti-aging benefits come from taking oral supplements than eating raw foods or applying topical creams. But you have to ensure that the supplement you are choosing is high-quality, most preferably from a trusted manufacturer.

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