Passion is defined as the energy, drive, enthusiasm and sheer love for what you do.


Do you love what you do? Does your energy and drive reflect your passion, or lack thereof?


A couple years ago, I went through a little bit of a mid-life crisis. I turned 40 years old and I had to decide whether I was making decisions and living my life out of necessity and guilt or because it was my passion.


That was a hard thing for me to figure out.


Many days I felt trapped in a tight little box with a lid that wouldn’t budge. I needed help. I was feeling dejected and I lost connection to myself. I stopped seeing my special talents, capabilities and enormous potential. I had no passion or drive in my life. I just lived life, one day at a time.

At that time, if someone were to ask me “what are your passions,” I wouldn’t have had an answer for them. I felt like everything that I was doing in my life was done out of routine, necessity and guilt. There really wasn’t any underlying passion driving me to do the things I was doing. I wanted to do something about it because the mundane of life no longer was serving me. I wasn’t happy and finding JOY in life. I needed to make a change. I knew that my life couldn’t be a life of PURPOSE and FULFILLMENT without any passion.


So, I went to work. I worked on my inner self and my outer self. I was determined to say I was passionate about something, and that was what was driving my goals and decisions.


I prayed and did a lot of contemplative work. I asked myself these questions…


  1. What are you fabulous at and what are you known for?
  2. What do you offer and do that is significantly different from others?
  3. What were you noticed for back when you were a teen and young adult?
  4. What skills, talents, abilities make you stand out?
  5. What life experiences have shaped you in special ways?
  6. What are your core values – the non-negotiables you need in life to be happy and fulfilled?
  7. Whom do you love to serve and support, and why?
  8. When you’re 90 years old looking back, what do you want to have given, contributed, stood for and achieved?


I took the answers to these questions and discussed my thoughts with family and friends. And, I prayed a lot more.


I discovered that my passions were with me all along, I just was so disconnected from myself that I didn’t see that they existed. With this discovery, I was able to tap into my power and purpose. I made some changes in my life so that my decisions and activities were in alignment with my PASSION. I rediscovered me and who I was underneath all the layers that over time had covered up who I really was.


Now I know that if I’m feeling disconnected and not feeling like I’m doing a greater good in the world and creating meaning in my life, it’s time to do a self-evaluation. It’s time to find my PASSION again. Or, reconnect with my passion.


Passion can come from a variety of things: 

  • Subject Matter: Such as music, writing, science, psychology, etc.
  • A Sense of Mission
  • Problem-Solving
  • People: The way you interact with people.


True meaning in life comes from channeling our PASSIONS to serve our PURPOSE. If you feel lost or disconnected, it’s time to TAP INTO YOUR PASSION. Find your purpose so that you can use your BEST qualities to INSPIRE yourself and others so you can feel JOY and FULFILLMENT in you life!


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