Among the essential oils on the market, the one you are always guaranteed to find in a bundle is lavender. It is one of the most popular and most used oils for many reasons, which is why it’s more abundant on the market than other essential oils. Lavender has a very unique, yet pleasing scent that is used to make oils, soaps, air fresheners, and other goods, and due to its association with the color purple, it’s very easy for consumers to find it on the market and spot it among a group of similar products. Both men and women find lavender to be a great scent associated with cleanliness.

But there is actually much more to lavender than a great scent and a purple appearance. It’s considered the “all-purpose cleaner” that people can rely on for various uses. When you purchase essential oils and best supplements for aging skin, here is what lavender could do for you:

Relieve Head Tension

Many essential oils are advertised to get rid of nagging head tension. However, consumers like the feeling of relieving their pain with the help of a great-smelling oil like lavender. To get rid of head tension, you can rub the oil on each temple to make the pain fade quickly. The topical nature of lavender essential oils relieves tension quickly, rather than a pill that first has to travel throughout your digestive system in order to reach the bloodstream.

Feel Better Mentally

It’s common for people to experience stress, at work or at home. Lavender, however, can help relieve one of stress and anxious feelings. In order for lavender essential oils to work this way, you will need an oil diffuser so that the liquid oil can turn into a scent that can disperse into a room. Inhaling this aroma allows your mental state to get a boost. Researchers have stated that lavender in particular can increase the brain’s “beta waves”, which allow the person to not only relax better, but also think better. Using lavender essential oils can also help support sleep. You can safely use your diffuser in the bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Treat Skin Problems

Lavender can help soothe inflamed, damaged, and irritated skin with no stinging or side effects. You can use lavender oil on its own or to make your own creamy topical product to treat all kinds of skin problems. Cuts, scars, burns, bug bites; any skin problem can be treated thanks to its purifying nature. Lavender also has cleansing properties and helps skin cells to regenerate at a faster rate than normal. Even better is that lavender can also help maintain healthy skin.

Repel Annoying Pests

Believe it or not, but the sweet smell of lavender is one that insects like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, chiggers, and lice do not want to smell. Thus, lavender essential oils can prevent you, your family, and your pets from getting unfortunate encounters from these pests. Whether you want oil to be rubbed on your skin or diffused where you are sitting outside, lavender is what can help keep bugs away, making activities hassle-free.


Lavender is an extremely popular essential oil. It can give you various benefits in addition to sporting a very attractive and unique scent. You can use it to feel better, heal your damaged skin, and keep pests away.

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