On a recent flight home, I got upgraded to first-class! As I sat there waiting in my seat while people boarded the airplane, I couldn’t help but feel so grateful. A spacious seat, more legroom and “SPECIAL” service given to me… I felt SO important!

A beautiful woman sat down next to me with her sweet little baby boy. We visited for a few minutes and it became apparent that she flies quite a bit. As she sat there feeding her baby and making sure he was covered up with blankets to stay warm, she says to me, “These seats are so small in these smaller planes.” 

I was confused for a moment and naively said, “What?” 

She then repeated herself. 

I responded briefly with an “Oh yeah.” I didn’t really know what she meant. My seat wasn’t feeling small at all!

I sat there in silence for a moment as I contemplated what she said. I realized that she must get to fly FIRST CLASS a lot, and it must be on larger airplanes that provide BIGGER seats. I obviously didn’t know there was a difference since I’d never flown first class. Here I was thinking the seating was so SPACIOUS! 

I realized at that moment that it’s all about PERSPECTIVE!

I pondered how this incident can help me understand other aspects of my life and my association with others.

The TRUTH is, we don’t know what we don’t know!

We all have such different perspectives depending on what our life experiences have been. 

It doesn’t mean one person is right and the other is wrong. It is the TRUTH for that person.

Having this insight helps me be more aware and understand the differences we have with others. Instead of trying to prove that I’m right in situations, or argue about it, I can just HONOR and RESPECT what the other person thinks and feels, no matter if it isn’t MY opinion or reality!

Oh! How this beautiful woman had no idea what she had just taught me in that very moment. In a moment I truly needed it the most!

May we all seek to be more generous and kind, have more positivity, empathy, and growth through EXPANDING our PERSPECTIVE.

2 thoughts on “Upgraded to First-Class

  1. Love this and YOUR perspective to be open to the Spirit to teach you something. Truly a great example and a great reminder we all can be taught when we have a mind and heart open.

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