Did you know that your body speaks in physical condition what your mouth is not saying with words? It’s true! “Through bodily expression we give ourselves the messages we need to hear, and we communicate to others the messages we want them to hear. If instead we communicate directly and take the actions prompted by our inner guidance, we won’t need the body to express the words or actions our soul is calling us to speak and do.” A Course in Miracles


Any illness and any pain, physical or emotional, is our way of holding someone else guilty for hurting us. If we did not blame others, we would never be sick. This may be a lot to swallow but I’ll show you how this principle can help you.


The first step to undoing pain or illness is to identify the perceived source of your suffering and loss. This takes extreme honesty. If you believe others can hurt you, or you perceive value in touting your wound, your broken body will tell that story. If you understand that your happiness is independent of the actions of others, your body will express vitality. A healthy body mirrors thoughts of wellness.  A sick body “out-pictures” thoughts of illness.


So “Who’s the Matter with you?”


The next step is to describe a pain, ailment, or illness you have now or have had, and then describe WHO or WHAT is responsible for causing you that trouble.




Headache: The kids were driving me crazy today!

Backache: I have to work so hard to support my family.

Urinary Issues: My partner pisses me off.


In these cases, someone or something externally is causing you trouble.


It is important to recognize that no person, group, situation, or condition has the power to take away your happiness. No one. No thing. Never. The experience of Joy is your God-given right. People can try to remove your happiness, but they cannot remove your peace unless you give them that power.


The second step is to replace our projection of what the other person has done with love. When someone’s behavior is mean or offensive in any way, consider that the behavior is not an attack. It is simply data- something that someone does. Typically it is a sign that they are in a great deal of pain and projecting that pain through their behavior. Their unkind ways are a call for love. Instead of blaming people you believe have hurt you, give them credit for helping you. Shift your attention from the mean and nasty things they have said or done to the good things they have done- even if there are just a few or even only one. It’s your movie so you get to change the script! Consider how this person who troubles you has helped you to grow by asking yourself the following questions:


  • What spiritual muscles have you developed that you would not have built if this person had been nicer to you?


  • Have you learned to hold your power and self-esteem in the presence of attempted insult?


  • Do you now speak your truth more quickly and directly?


  • Are you setting healthier boundaries?


  • Do you make more self-honoring choices?


  • Have you deepened in patience and compassion?


Everyone helps us. Some help us by being kind, and some help us by acting unkind, so that we may choose kindness no matter what they do. You will always GAIN by honoring others for their contribution. This reversal of perspective is the most helpful shift in perception you will ever achieve.


The third step is to incorporate essential oils to assist the body physically and emotionally.  Essential oils come from plants, fruits and trees and are made of hundreds of compounds that the body can absorb and work together with the essential oils to support the systems of the body. Essential oils raise the vibration of the physical body and as the body lives in higher energetic vibrations, lower energies (such as suppressed emotions) become unbearable. The body wants to release these feelings.  As we breathe in the aroma of the essential oils and apply them to the area of concern on the body, old feelings can begin to surface and release. Essential oils do not do our emotional work for us but they prepare our emotional “soil” so that weeds may be removed with greater ease. When we combine essential oils with emotional work, we reap the fruits of our labor.


The final step is to RELEASE and RECEIVE. We do this by first choosing the condition or area of BluestoBlissconcern that is asking for your attention. Identify what the “emotional root” for that body part is. I love using the book Essential Emotions or their app to access this information. Once you have identified the underlying emotions, if one stands out to you, consider looking in the Essential Emotions book or app to find targeted essential oils to apply on that area to help access those emotions for releasing. As you look deeper and ask questions about what you’re feeling, write about what comes up in response to those questions. Then look at doTERRA’s Emotions wheel in conjunction with the Emotional Aromatherapy kit and apply the essential oil coordinated with the emotions that you would like to feel. As you apply the essential oil, take several deep breaths in and visualize yourself RECEIVING comfort and peace throughout your whole body and feel yourself begin to be inspired and renewed to move forward feeling uplifted and encouraged about your body, your heart and your life!


Our physical bodies are brilliant at providing us with messages to help us be healthier and feel better. Our bodies often reveal deeper underlying emotional needs. Once these emotional needs are addressed, we are more clear and free to be who we were created to be!


I encourage you to LISTEN to what your BODY is trying to tell you by acknowledging the perceived source from where the suffering is coming from, replace your projection with LOVE, identify essential oils that will help RELEASE the stored emotions connected to that part of the body, and RECEIVE the forgiveness and renewal your body needs to feel HAPPY and HEALTHY! You’re WORTH IT!!!

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